Blog 3: Digital Asia – Animation

When we take about digital, what I associated is ACG. A means animation. C represents comic. And G is gaming. Nowadays, there are many ways for us to enjoy animation online. That makes animations become digital. Sometimes, comics may remake as an animation. That also makes comic become digital. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo. Those kinds of electronics and video game companies appear in my mind. However, if one of them need to be chose as the favourite one, animation is my best choose. In my childhood, watching cartoons is my favourite entertainment. Because of that, watching animation become my favourite entertainment now, especially Japanese animation. That why my blog posts are always about animation.

I remember that the first time that I have interest at Japanese animation is in secondary one. At that time, there was still TV service, NowTV at my home. And there is an animation channel. Most of the animations I knew that time is all from this channel. And one day, there is one animation make me pay my attention. However, I am not a person with patience. I cannot wait for watching it week by week. Therefore, I started to find the animation online. And that also becomes my habit. Because of that, I know more about Japanese animation. For example, the timetable of animations or cartoons is different with Hong Kong. Also, there are many channels for animation. However, there is one thing that I like most. It is the voice of the characters. Because of those, I started to take an interest in Japan, a country with a very long history and great development of animation.

Animation makes people link together. That is my experience. Although I like to talk with my friends, I never make new friends actively. I always want someone to talk with me. Although they talk to me, it is hard for me to become friends with them. However, animation makes me change. I want to share the animation that I love to other. I want more people know their fascination. That makes me become more and more active to make friends. My best friend and most of my friends are also an animation lover. We meet because of animation.

Animation is one of communication ways. People try to use animation to communicate with other. Advertising is one of the common use of animation. In the past, I did not care about the advertising. However, when the advertisment is made for animation, it seems that my attention is easier to be caught. Also, the message of the advertisment is more easier to remember. Therefore, I alwasys think that we are living with animation. Animation is one of our lives.


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  1. Bobo says:

    I am also an animation lover too. The first time I recognize animation in my primary six. Animation has brought happiness to lots of people, it also gives me a lot of knowledge that did not teach in class, such as one of my favorite animation called “Detective Conan”, it talks about an amateur detective who was transformed to a child, and he solves a lot of sticky cases. In the story, it mentions a lot of general knowledge that we can use in the daily life, like the black tea can neutralize toxins from the sea snake. It is a good way for me to learn and play.


  2. hidylau says:

    I love watching animation too. When an episode of the animations I watch is streamed, I will watch it immediately even I know that the part is not ended and I will be pissed that it is not ended well. I think that animation is much more interesting as it can involve many imagination and creativity. When I watch animations, I will sometimes imagine myself in the world inside the animations. It definitely improve my own creativity and also somehow widen my horizon. I will never stop watching animations even when I grow older.
    I would love to know how you like to watch animations.


  3. I do love animation too. For this many years, I have watch many different kind of animations from Japan. As ACG is one of the popular foreign culture in Hong Kong, people are more easily to have a common topic to share with which can help to improve the communication of us. In my experience, I can talk to my friends by sharing the animation information to them and share my opinion on that episode. Hopefully, I am looking forward there will have more animation produce for animation lover like me to watch.


  4. Melissa Hung says:

    I like to watch animation too! The reason that makes me start to watch animation is my cousin when we were in primary school, he watched the “Gundam” after school every day, affected by him, I think animation is really interesting and attractive until now I still watch “Detective Conan” and “Chibi maruko Chan.”
    Also, I agree with you that “Animation makes people link together.” I had an experience was similar to what you said, I met with one of my best friend, it was because both of us have a comment topic- animation.


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