Case Study (Part 1): Gender Inequality in the Music

Music make people feel happy, excited. However, it also make people feel sorrowful. Music always bring out message. The problem of gender inequality is one of the message that always be found in music. However, not all people know that when they are enjoying those music. Some of those music have already been pretty well imprinted on our brain. Sometimes, we unconsciously hum those songs. But do you really understand what it is?

This is a global issue. There are the songs with the gender inequality, no matter Eastern or Western. For example, “Hey Mama” by Nicki Minaji and Bebe Rexha. In the lyrics, it was found that female should absolutely obey the male. In the lyrics of other song called “Monster” by Kanye West, it was found that female not only show as an object. Even they do not need to appear in the image of living in the MV. “Want to want me” by Jason Derulo was found that the mind and the life is not important for female. What important for them is only satisfying their desires. Not only in Western, there are also some music in Eastern found this problem. The song “War of Hormone” and “Joke” by BTS in Korea are the examples. There are lots of words degrading to female. [1]

And there was an news about the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and gender inequality in 2014 . It was a popular song released in 2013. This song has won a lot of music award. However, not all people think that is a good song. In the MV and the lyrics, it is found that there are lots of pornographic screens and words. After watching the MV, some people think this song degrade to female and show female as a toy. In 2014,Robin Thicke was invited to have a live in Boston University. However, the students of Boston University think that this song “Blurred Lines” show the message “In the case of violation of women’s autonomy, and forced them to have sex”. They think it is insulting their school’s main concept “gender equality. Therefore, they hoped that Robin Thicke can cancel the live. [2]

The victims of the gender inequality is female. Male is also the victims. The Chinese song “Mom is the best in the world” is also one of the examples of the music with gender inequality. Sometimes, kids may ask why there is only the song called “Mom is the best in the world” but not a song called “Dad is the best in the world”. That is already a kind of gender inequality. Not only aggressive lyrics make the songs become a song with gender inequality. This kind of gender stereotypes is also one of the elements of gender inequality.

Enjoying music is one of our entertainments nowadays. That is also my favorite entertainment. However, when we are enjoying the music, it seems that we should understand what the message is and what  the music is talking about. Although there are those music with gender inequality, there are also the music asking for people to care about the gender inequality. It seems that people try to use the media to show what they hope. Will the wish of gender equality become true in the future?

Gender Inequality的圖片搜尋結果


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. hidylau says:

    I love listening to music, any kind of music. And I can also see that many of the songs are materializing women. I see that appear many times in the songs that are sung by male singers. And this appears especially often when it is a rap song. There are also some female singers that will public songs that sexualize female’s role and character. You have mentioned about Nicki Minaj, her songs and mvs are usually showing women with very few clothing and dancing in a very sexual way. And the society is kinda accepted that and even like these kinds of things.


  2. Bobo says:

    Gender inequality is an important issue have been in existence. Men and women face different inequality in the society and also in the music industry. Just like what you are mentioned, most of the music lyrics and the music mv are stereotypes both men and girl. Men usually are the powerful and male chauvinism and the women are lower than men. Such as one of my favorite song called scar by Sandy Lam, there is one lyrics that talked about the characteristic of women are naive and tender. It seriously stereotypes the image of women. I hope this problem can solve in the future.


  3. Gender inequality happened for a long time. over the past few centuries, the position of women is rising, but still the inequality gap between men and women. People always ignored it in daily life, I even never think about the song “Mom is the best in the world” but not a song “Dad is the best in the world”. We usually praise for our mother through different ways but not the same to our father. Many songs have given the gender stereotypes to the audience, to shape the sexy body image of women to men. Although many celebrities have voted for the gender equality, the music MV usually perform the gender inequality to the public. They should pay more attention to it rather than just supporting on words.


  4. ashley87177 says:

    I love listening to music very much. However, I have never discovered that there is gender inequality in the music. Through your blog, I know more about the issue of the inequality problem in the music industry. A song is a tool for singers and lyricists to express their own feeling and thought to the public. This is one way for the audience interacts with the lyricist. Gender inequality happened a long time ago. We can’t eliminate the bias of public thoroughly. However, this problem is a sensitive issue all along. lyricists and producers should pay attention to the words that used in the song. I don’t hope that song become a tool to advocate gender inequality or stereotype. Hope the public can treat female and male equally. Materialization and underestimation of women are not encouraged.


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