Week 4: Internet changes the Generations

The development of the media keep increasing in this few years. That makes our lives really change a lot. In week 2’s blog, we have talked about the memories of TV. It is found that the memories of my generation is partly different and partly similar with the older generation. However, it seems that the next generation is totally different with mine.

Nowadays, it seems that watching TV is not the only entertainment for the children. Tablets, smart phones, Switch, etc. Those kinds of electronic devices become more and more popular between this generation. When you go to have a gathering in a restaurant, you will find that most of the children and the teenagers are holding those kinds of electronic devices for playing the games or watching the online videos.

Not only the younger generations, the older generation are also impacted. For example, in my home. My mother only watch the online video but never watch the TV programme again after I teach her how to find that videos in the internet before. And I have asked her why. And what she said is that she can watch the video anytime and anywhere. If she needs to go for working, she can stop the videos first then watch it again when she is free. It is more convenient than watching the TV programmes on the TV. Also. she can watch the TV programmes in the other countries. That makes she have more choices on the types of the videos.

Because of the development, the media have a lot of changes with the past. That also makes our lives change. Internet makes our lives become more and more convenient. Because of that, people prefer to choose the online videos than the TV programmes. If the development keep going upwards, may be all the things will be done on the internet in the future.


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