Will human be replaced by the robots in the future?

Because of the development of technology, our lives become more and more convenient. For example, the smartphones are used as a wallet. Also, the robots are starting to be used in some dangerous jobs. People want to have a convenient life. Therefore, they manufacture robot to replace them to do some dangerous or trouble work. In the future, maybe all jobs will be done by the robots. If that really happens, then what will human be?

Robots make our life become a convenient life. Some people think that robots are the perfect employees. It is because they are precise, efficient, and obedient. Also, they will never get tired, emotional or ill. In a lot of cases, robots do not replace human jobs. The robots will mostly serve as ‘cobots’, collaborating with human employees. And there are already 10 important jobs becoming automated. They are call center operative, courier, surgeon, farmer, security guard, retail assistant, fast food worker, journalist, truck driver, and soldier. [1] It seems that the characteristic of those jobs is boring, or dangerous. Therefore, robots help human to do those jobs. There is a report released by McKinsey & Company showed that as many as 800 million workers worldwide could be replaced at work by robots in 2030. In the report, it is also found that in more advanced economies like the U.S. and Germany, up to one-third of the 2030 workforce may need to learn new skills and find new work. In economies like China’s, roughly 12 percent of workers may need to switch occupations by 2030.[2] It seems that if the robots keep improving, a lot of people will lose their jobs. That makes people need to learn new skills. Some people may worry about what will the robots fully replace the human in the future.


Although robots really help a lot in our daily life, there are some reasons that make robots cannot fully replace human. Firstly, robots do not understand irrational thought. Human has feelings. In some cases, the feelings are more important than the rules. However, robots do not understand it. What a robot will do is to follow the rules and their programme. Second, robots do not understand customer service. Robots only chose the best solution to solve the problems. However, they never think about the future of the customers. That is why robots cannot provide good customer service. Thirdly, is that robots do not understand context. In our experiences, it is found that some things are lost in the processing of translation. Therefore, it should make misunderstand. It seems that robots cannot handle this kind of problems. The fourth reason is that robots lack creative problem-solving. Robots are lack of imaginative capabilities. That makes they become no good with the jobs or work that requires creative thought. Creative is a gift from God to humanity. It is hard to show on a programme. Finally, people prefer to talk with a human. For the first and second reasons, it is found that robots cannot feel people feelings. When people try to find a service, most people want to find someone can understand them but not a robot that only following the rules. [3] That is the main reason that why robots cannot replace human nowadays.

Because of those reasons, robots cannot fully replace human immediately. However, what if the development of robots keep improving? If the technology of robots is improved, maybe there will be a “Doraemon” in the future. When those problems of robots are solved, what will this world become? What will human be? Robots really help a lot in our daily life. However, somethings need to be done by ourselves. That makes a human be a humanity.


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