Week 5: Cinema experiences

In my childhood, I always went to the cinema with my parents. I felt excited when I went to the cinema. However, the time of going to the cinema is decreasing when I was growing up. Now, I will go to the cinema because of the Japanese film or Disney’s film.

For me, the time of going to the cinema may be once time every three months. I go to cinema with my friends when there is a film that making us get interest on. If I go to the cinema to enjoy a film, that means I love the film and I think that the feeling for watching the film in the cinema is better than watching it at home. However, there are always somethings happened that making us cannot enjoy the film.

Once time, I went to the cinema to watch the movie called “No game No life -Zero-“. This film is rearranged from the Japanese novel “No game No life”. In the story, there are a lots of touching scenes. That is the reason for me going to the cinema to watch it. What I want is to gets vicarious by going to watch the movie in the cinema. However, when those kinds of scenes were coming, there are some male audiences saying “GG, GG”. (In Hong Kong, people always say “GG” when something are going to the bad or unwanted side.) That is always one of the reasons that the time of going to the cinema is decreasing for me. That kinds of actions made me cannot enjoy the movie.

When I paid for watching the movie in the cinema, I want to enjoy something that I cannot have when I watch it in my home. However, there are lots of people who have never thought about other’s feeling in the cinema. Talking loudly, using the smart phone, etc. Those actions are always found in the cinema. It is hoped that people can think about the other when they do those actions.


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