Week 6: Using media in the public

Media is now one of the important part of our daily life. It is not hard to see that people use media in the public. One of the common examples is that people use their smart phone to listen the music, or play the mobile game, or watch the video when they are on the transportations. That is only one of the examples. Therefore, I went to a shopping mall, apm, to do the observation about using media in the public.


When I went to apm, the first thingI saw is theATM.There are some people waiting for using the  ATM. At the top of the ATM, there are two screens showing the advertising of this shopping mall. For people who were waiting for using the ATM, some of them looked up and watched the screens. And some of them were using their smart phone when they were lining up for the ATM. For the one who were using the ATM kept looking at her smart phone. After using the ATM, she stood next to the ATM and still keep looking at her smart phone.


When I went to the center of the shopping mall, there are a big screen showing the World Cup. There are some seats for people sitting there to watch the World Cup. However, not all people who sitting there were watching the big screen. At least half of them were using the smart phone but not watching the World Cup. And some of them were doing the multitasking. They watched the World Cup and used their smart phone at the same time. And some of them were listening to music when they were watching the World Cup.

Not only people sitting on the seats, it is found that some people stood next to the railings on the upper floor. Most of them were looking at the World Cup. However, some of them were not. Those people were using their smart phone to play the mobile games or watching the videos and looked up to watch the World Cup at the same time.


In this observation, it seems that people always do the multitasking. They like to use their smart phone when they are doing the other things. It shows that media have already been part of our lives. And smart phone is the most important one.



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