Case Study (Part 2): Gender Inequality in the Music

In the case study part 1, we found that there are the gender inequality problem in a lot of music. The gender inequality in the music is not only about the female, but also the male. And there is a news talking about the song “Blurred Lines” with the problem of gender inequality by Robin Thicke. It shows that people are now trying to face this problem and change their mind about the gender. In this part, we are going to choose some of the songs that were mentioned in part 1 to go deep into the problem of gender inequality.

The first song is “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo. It is found that the problem of gender inequality is in its lyrics and music video. In the lyrics, it seems that it shows the love of a man to a woman.[1] However, the lyrics “I got your body on my mind I want it bad” and “You open the door Wearing nothing but a smile, fell to the floor And you whisper in my ear, Baby, I’m yours.” show that the man only want the body of the woman.[2] In the music video, all women only wear the underwear. It shows that the women only think about the sex. They did not have other feelings and the life of them is not important. That is why people think that there is the gender inequality in this song. That makes the female is showed like a sex robot, or even an object more than a human.

The second song is “Monster” by Kanye West. It is also tagged as a gender inequality song. In the lyrics “Are you willing to sacrifice your life?” and “Bitch I’m a monster no good blood sucker”, they showed that the female was being killing. The word “Bitch” always appeared in the song. That was very insulting.[3] Not only the lyrics, the problem of gender inequality is also found in the music video. When you watch the music video, the first scene you saw is that a woman wearing underwear was hanging. In the whole music video, the women’s clothing is sexy. And women were just showed like a corpse. You cannot feel any vitality on them. The female audiences thinks that they have not be respectful like being killing in the music video.

In those songs, you would see that the lyrics show the gender inequality that female are facing on. Some people may think that those lyrics are trying to show the love. It is only a way of showing love. However, have you even through about the feeling of the female? Like the song “Blurred Lines” in case study part 1, Robin Thicke said that this song is the joke around him, T.I., and Pharrell Williams. They just wanted to make the feeling of joy in the song. He is respectful to women.[4] However, what about the feeling of the female fans and audiences? Because of this joke, they may feel uncomfortable. It is better to think about the others before you do something.

female inequality的圖片搜尋結果

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