Week 7-8: Project Proposal


In the past some weeks, it is found that media have already been one of the important part of our lives. People always be attracted by the media, such as their smart phone. Also, some of my friends went abroad in those weeks for a long time. It is worried that they cannot accommodate themselves to the new surroundings. However, they said that they did not. It seems that they can keep their contact to Hong Kong through the media. That make me want to know why and how. Therefore, the topic of this project came out. My topic of this project is “How do the media make people feel like in Hong Kong when they go abroad?”

Research methods

In this project, both primary resources and secondary resources are needed. For the primary resources, online interview are going to be chosen. There will be the online interview with two of my friends who have went abroad. In these interviews, the aim is to find out that how do they get connection with Hong Kong through the media. The followings are some questions that are going to ask:

  1. Through YouTube, do you think that you can know what Hong Kong is happening immediately? And how?
  2. Through Facebook or Instagram, do you think that you are still in Hong Kong because you can know what is happening on them immediately? And how?
  3. Through the apps in your smart phone like WhatsApp and LINE, do you think that you are connecting with your family and friends? And how?
  4. Have you even found an online recipe for finding the taste of Hong Kong restaurants?
  5. If there is no internet (media), do you think that you can accommodate themselves to the new surroundings like now?

For secondary resources, the articles and reports that related to the use of media will be chosen. There is an article about the use of media in teaching called “Top 3 Reasons to Use the Internet of Things in Education”.[1] In this article, it shows the advantages of using IoT in teaching. IoT is always one of the media. Because of the IoT, some students have problem to study at school can also stay at home to study with the schoolmates. The articles showed how do media change the time and space is also needed in this project. Therefore, those articles are the target of the secondary resources part.

Conclusion & Expectations

Media really help us a lot in our daily life. Media make the relationship between people and their friends become stronger and stronger. Although they do not stay in the same place together, media makes them connect to each other. Through this project, it is hoped that people can know more about media. Media is not only a tool for sharing the own opinion. Media also help people to link up with the others. However, there are lots of kinds of media. People always use them to do different things. In the interviews, it is hoped that we can know more about how do people use the media and the reason of they will choose to use different media to do different things.

Timeline of the project

For the coming week, all the questions of the online interviews will be confirmed. The research of secondary resources will also be started in the coming week. It is hoped that the online interview can finish at the end of the coming week or the start of the second week. If the interviews can finish early, the data from both interviews and researching  can be analyzed early. It is hoped that the video can be finished on or before 24/7. And the final confirming of the video can be done in the remaining days. If there are any mistake, than the changes can be done before the deadline 27/7.


  1. Custom Software Development Company. Software Development Services in USA. (2018). Top 3 Reasons to Use the Internet of Things in Education. Available at: https://r-stylelab.com/company/blog/iot/top-3-reasons-to-use-the-internet-of-things-in-education

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