About the blog design

This blog page has already be created for a year. We have discussed a number of issue in this year. However, I have never told about my blog. Therefore, we are going to talk about the design of my blog today. There will be two different parts for introducing the blog. The first is the design of the blog page you saw now. And the second one is that why there is a change of the blog design and also the reflection of the design that I using now.

The Design of This Blog

First, let us talk about the name and the tagline of this blog. The name of this blog is “Universe”. The word “universe” has at least 5 different meaning. It can mean the whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated such as the world of human experience. It can also mean a great number or quantity. And when you use the translation, you will find that universe have the same meaning with outer space in Chinese. Those are the reasons of naming the blog as “Universe”. I want that this blog can keep all my experience and share them to others. And I believe that the number of experiences that I have will increase like the number of stars. However, it will not be increased if I do not write. Therefore, here is the tagline “Keep blogging, keep yourself”. It is hoped that I can keep writing somethings on the blog.

And the reason of choosing the photo I use in the homepage now is also the same as the reason of naming the blog as “Universe”. It is hoped that the experiences I have will be more and more like the stars in the photo. And I have chosen dark blue as the main color in this blog and white as the background color of the posts. The reason of using bark blue as the main color is that this color is similar to the color of the photo. And using white as the background color of the post because it is easier to see to words in dark blue with the white background. That is why the color tone of my blog page is dark blue and white.

The theme that I have chosen is called “Dyad 2”. The reason that I choose is that Dyad 2 can display words and images in perfect balance. A post’s featured image and text excerpt get equal billing on the main blog page, while single posts and pages size and position images dynamically, depending on the screen size. The homepage shows a Featured Content slider, that will display up to 6 posts, with a large Featured Image. For me, a blog without any images or photos is very boring. That is why I choose “Dyad 2” as the theme.

In this theme, part of a post is shown if you do not click into the posts. That is why I want to be in my blog. It is because people can read part of that post to see that he / she is interested in that post or not. It can speed the time of them to read it all. And also, there is a menu on the top of the blog page. There are 4 options on this menu. They are “Home”, “Semester A”, “Semester B” and “Semester C”. And  when people put the cursor on those options, it will show the codes of the subjects in that semester.

The Reason of Changing of The Blog Design

The main concept of my blog have never changed although I have changed the design of the blog. First, I have added the icon of the blog page. When people have visited a number of website in the same time, it is hard to see to name of the website. Therefore, I try to add an icon to let people can find out my blog page easily.

And the second thing that I change is the theme of this blog. The theme I used before was “Snaps”. It is a good theme for posting some photos or images. However, it is not a good choice for my blog. In my blog, words are more that photos or images. That is why the theme “Snaps” is not suitable for my blog. And the other reason is that unlike the theme I use now, the post may show as the full post in this theme. It is very different to let people to find the older posts. If people want to find the oldest post, they need to roll down with lots of time. Therefore, I have changed the theme.

Finally, I have also changed the options on the menu. At the beginning, I only used the codes of the subjects as the options. However, it is found that it become more and more difficult to find out the posts when the number of subjects is increased. Therefore, I changed to use “Semester A”, “Semester B” and “Semester C” as the options. It is hoped that it can solve the problem after the changing of the menu.

The Reflection of The Design That I Using

The design of my blog that I use now is the design that is the closest one to my dream blog design. However, I cannot say that the design of my blog is perfect. There are still a lot of thing that can be improved. The reason is that I am using wordpress to make a blog. There are lots of things that wordpress have fixed. For example, the color of the blog. For the theme that I use, there are 6 sets of color palette that I can choose. Lots of themes have the same problem in the wordpress. If there are no limited for making the blog page, it is hoped that the menu will keep staying at the top of the website. Therefore, people do not need to roll up to the menu every time. And it is hoped that the search bar can also be on the menu bar.

I know that those are not the only problems of my blog page. However, it is hoped that the changing of the blog page can be more user-friendly than the design before.


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