New knowledge from BCM288

Here is the final post of BCM288. In this 11 weeks, there are different new knowledge I learned from here. Before having those lessons, I have never thought about what is happening in the media. However, BCM288 let me think more about this issue. If I have not attend those lessons, it seems that this issue…

Same person but different in Virtual World

Our world is now growing quickly. People say that lots of cultures disappeared because of the development of the whole world, especially the traditional cultures. These were lots of traditional cultures that people do not understand the meanings. That makes people think that those traditional cultures are meaningless. Therefore, those traditional cultures are forgotten when…

Living with animations

Animations become popular nowadays, especially Japanese animations. Most people are growing up with the animations. In Japan, animations are also used in advertisement and recruiting, for example, the advertisement “Cross Road” of the tutoring center “Z-KAI” and the recruiting of McDonald’s. We are now living with the animations. However, it seems that Hong Kong is not….

TV programmes change when the place change

Nowadays, there are lots of TV programmes bought from difference places. You may find the Korea TV programmes on the Australia’ TV. However, the culture in different places is different. People may not admit the original TV programmes. Therefore, the TV programmes may have some changes or the elements which people like are also different….